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Monday, June 25, 2012

Spirit: Green-eyed monster

At a time in my life (40's) when I should be accepting who I am , my body, my life and my worldly possessions, I find that I am often consumed with what I do not have, what I have not achieved, how unattractive I feel and how little I have experienced.  I look at younger people and envy their position in life. I often wax philosophically about how the world is open to the young to decide how to live their life.  ...   I desperately want to be satisfied and struggle to feel good about so much in my life, even though I know that I am very blessed in many ways. Maybe it is a mid-life crisis, maybe it is a need for a deeper spiritual connection to our Heavenly Father. Maybe I really need to change my life!!! oh no! not that. Can you say comfortable????? 

If you have ever seen a thin, fit, long haired beauty stroll into the room with cute shorts and a tank while you are wearing loose capris and a boxy tee and felt less than then you have felt the tug of jealousy that I am feeling way too often these days. 

Jealousy robs me of Joy! I know this-  Does that make it easier not to feel this way ---- No

Here is a verse from Proverbs 14:30 to digest: 

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.

Well now,  (in the church lady's voice) "Isn't that special?" The truth hurts. I am going to focus on the things that I am grateful for and try to change some habits that are holding me back.  

My time to be young has passed, my time to live a content, meaningful, healthy life has NOT passed- maybe it is just beginning. 

I hope to spend time this week working on my tendency toward envy through meditation on positives, and prayer. Definitely going to be studying the Word on defeating the green-eyed monster now that I have become aware of what it is taking from me. I want to  accept myself in this phase of life. Time to grow into my age and love it. :-)

Please join me in prayer - pray for me to grow in contentment, and acceptance but also for yourself to grow more peaceful and joyful as well. I will pray that anyone who reads this will find abundance in their life through gaining a more positive perspective.