I am hoping this blog inspires a desire in you to be at your physical potential. Losing weight in 2013, and setting up a lifestyle that allows us to keep it that way! I want this blog to allow me to motivate and to be motivated!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mind/ Spirit: Depressed

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“...Depression is not sobbing and crying and giving vent, it is plain and simple reduction of feeling...People who keep stiff upper lips find that it's damn hard to smile.”  -Judith Guest

We all feel it at times -- the trick is to know what brings you out of the "funky low" that is overtaking you.
For me it is forcing myself off the couch and to do something interactive or for someone else. Giving time, effort, or advice away will make my spirit lift.
Sometimes if I exercise or escape into a book or movie my perspective will change.

The most important thing to try is; prayer, and reading the Word.
Also do some "truth telling"
about what is really going on. Think "what is the truth about my present situation, and what can I do about it?"
Take the action that you can take at that current moment and then trust God that no matter what - you will trust Him to help you through any challenge, illness, betrayal or difficulty that you might have in the future. Present mindset is important for fighting off depression.
What does not work--- complaining, fit throwing, overeating, drinking alcohol excessively, and seeking attention from all the wrong places! I still really battle overeating when I have a "hopeless" day, and it never makes me feel better.

Hang in there and focus on getting busy on something that takes your attention away from yourself and onto someone in need or a passion you should be pursuing.  The best way to feel better is to stop being so self-absorbed!!!!

I am going to the store to stock up on food for meals and lunches this evening. Aiming to  focus on others' needs and do something constructive!! Maybe my attitude will turn from gray to colorful!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

spirit: supporting other women

I think in general we (female gender) put each other down, discourage each other, and even sabotage each other's relationships.
We need to let each female friend and relative have their successes! No subtracting value from yourself because of the comparisons you are making to their lives and joys. No jealous fits of irrationality! Your worth is not affected when another female does well. We should cheer each other on and support each others' future hopes and dreams. Assist when you can, and be considerate toward women and the difficulties that they face.
The golden rule is always applicable!
Treat others as you would like to be treated!

Instead of "who does she think she is?" or "she really thinks she is something else" -- we should be saying "love her confidence" and "she does a lot of things well"

Have you ever noticed that men do not cut each other down for their successes?

Compassion and kindness always lift your spirit whether being given or received.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mind:new slogan

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I'm at war! Upping the intensity on my fight against fat!
I have been watching 2 influential shows for my new attitude; Surviving The Cut and Biggest Loser. These shows show an intense attitude toward goal setting and pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

I am inspired that the human body can adapt so wonderfully to the stresses put on it! I actually got up on Wed and worked out at 5:30 am!

I am starting to expect more from myself!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Body: week in review

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Last Sunday I sat here in the same spot planning out my healthy week and vowing to have strict discipline as a part of my goal- I failed miserably wasn't successful in completely adhering with fidelity to my plan. However, I made a lot of progress and will do even better this week. Here is the lowdown:

I did 3 work-outs and my heart rate was fine (I did not push myself though- I have to say I took it easy). My confidence is building and I will have more intense work-outs this week.

I did consume plenty of water but this is a normal part of my lifestyle already-- I did try to get in a little more than normal!

Plenty of sleep and even 1 nap (I love a good refreshing nap)

I had 4 small meals only on 2 of the days last week. I had too many starches in general but I know I ate better than previous weeks.

Planning really does help!!!

My most disappointing result is the fact I did not find a pedometer that I wanted to purchase.

Reset goals for the week:

Eat 4 small meals -- with dinners being a lean protein and 2 vegetables (maybe add a whole wheat starch)

Sun: get pedometer and walk/jog
Mon. step routine
Tues. spin (cycle) class
Wed. rest
Thurs. walk/jog
Fri. rest or step (depends on how I feel)
Sat. Zumba class

Changes- Use pedometer, move prayer/study time to mornings,  keep a exercise/food journal and eat more veggies!!!
feeling better already and I cannot wait to report back next Sunday --- I would love to hear more about how you are doing. Comments will only inspire me!!! thanks and in closing I would like to offer these words of advice:

  • Accept correction: from friends, family, the weight scale, or the mirror. 
  • Do not try to figure out a quick tricky way to lose weight. 
  • Be positive about your progress and the process you are going through while working hard to achieve success. 
  • Listen to advice(support) from those that have fought the battle and won it(longterm). 
  • Be truthful about what you are doing and your results. 
  • Seek out and hang around only those individuals that will help you promote success with following your plan!  
  • Good Luck!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spirit/Mind: how to love those in your life

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"Harbor love in your heart, forgive other's weaknesses, follow your spirit (inner voice), and never give up on humanity "- Lori Davis Potter
You have a peaceful inner glow when you overcome the urge to act out in anger--- when you stop and tap into the Love and inner voice that is deep inside you then you are being the example of hope that makes human beings special. Choose kindness and understanding even when you would rather lash out. Then revel in the satisfaction that self-control can bring!

Have a great and loving weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mind: beginning to build a bridge

Discipline is the bridge between goals and acc...Image by Eustaquio Santimano via Flickr
Build a bridge and get over it!
Building up your securities and forgiving because you are forgiven are two ways to build a bridge!

Live well and love well while demonstrating a positive attitude toward those in your life.

Some bridges will take you to a whole new relationship.

Strategize and take charge of your attitude and lack of joy!

You can stay in the same old place in your life or you can find a way to move past the ugliness and travel over into a whole new place to grow in your life!

We really do have choices to make!

What can you do to build your needed bridges?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Body: Getting back on track

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After a recent scare (my heart rate did not recover for 15-20 minutes) during a running work-out, I have not been the same. I have not ran since and really haven't had a hard, heart-pumping work-out since either. I am partially afraid but it has been 2 weeks and I know that I am feeling awful and missing my sweaty stress-reducing work-out sessions. It is time to get over it!! I need to ease into it and keep telling myself how much better I will feel.

2 other issues for me are food and alcohol consumption.
I am accepting that my thought patterns are changing but are not where they ought to be when concerning these 2 issues.
I want to eat healthier and (alcohol won't be an issue through the week) and take care of my body better because I am feeling a weight gain as well. My clothes are a little more snug and I am in general feeling heavier (if you know the feeling yourself - than you can relate).

So what follows is a tentative plan for the week that lies ahead:
(I am a firm believer in "failure to plan is a plan to fail")

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mind: thoughts on the season Autumn

Autumn SunshineImage by davidjwbailey via Flickr

Autumn is around the corner and I intend to welcome it! Embracing the leaves' deep and vibrant colors! It will not be long until we will wake up to crisp temperatures and throw on jeans and light jackets!

Autumn is just another season, right!???? I know this but it is definitely my favorite season! We will sit around bonfires, go to too many football games, grill out and take walks. Not to mention the fall decorations!!! All this talk about seasons brought back to mind the old song by The Byrds-- A time to be born, A time to die --- to every season -- Turn, Turn, Turn.  Then I looked to Ecclesiastes 3.  My feelings after reading this well known scripture ---- Humans have little or no control over time and seasons (changes in aging) that they must go through. Only the eternal God determines all of life's developments and systems in the external world and the human body. God controls life and provides opportunities for growth, and prosperity. Our world is full of experiences to be enjoyed and many beautiful natural scenes to behold. We find meaning in life when we fully accept what bounties are given from the hand of God!! We will all die one day -- all living things die and have their seasons to witness, experience and enjoy. Our number of glorious Autumns are numbered. Enjoy this phase of the external world as if it was your last. Soak in the beauty and take full advantage of the wonders that God allows us to enjoy!

The idea that we are all gonna go through the phases of life and we should accept the season that we are in is  filling up my heart. Accepting the phase of this time in my life--- is what I am wrapping my mind around! I vow to appreciate my age, knowledge and self-control (that I have gained by middle-age). I am going to also try to enjoy the wonderful opportunities and joys of the upcoming Autumn.  I hope that you do as well. Commit to spending time in the natural world that God created.  

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Body: Alcohol

serpent alcoholImage by Leonard John Matthews via Flickr
Alcohol is a poison. It's intoxicating effect is proof of this fact. What causes the feeling (change in consciousness) is the body trying to process and eliminate the poison.
After reading several articles on alcohol I have discovered the idea that alcohol is the cause of many diseases: because it starts the process of the disease. It is not obvious to the sufferer that the alcohol is to blame but it probably did in fact begin the breaking down of organs and/or tissues that cause so many illnesses and diseases. I believe that a lot of the damage comes from the fact that our bloodstream is so vital to our health and so affected by alcohol.

"“The blood is the great circulating market of the body, in which all the things that are wanted by all parts, by the muscles, the brain, the skin, the lungs, liver and kidneys, are bought and sold. What the muscles want they buy from the blood; what they have done with, they sell back to the blood; and so with every other organ and part. As long as life lasts this buying and selling is forever going on, and this is why the blood is forever on the move, sweeping restlessly from place to place, bringing to each part the thing it wants, and carrying away those with which it has done. When the blood ceases to move, the market is blocked, the buying and selling cease, and all the organs die, starved for lack of the things they want, choked by the abundance of things for which they have no longer any need.”—FOSTER." (from Rompedas.blogspot.com)

"Alcohol not only hinders the blood in its work of tissue nutrition; it also prevents the full oxidation of the blood in the lungs."- rompedas.blogspot.com

"Alcohol, even in moderate doses, paralyzes the vasomotor nerves which control the minute blood-vessels, thus allowing these vessels to become dilated with the flowing blood."- rompedas.blogspot.com

"The liver is the first important organ, next to the stomach and bowels, to receive the poisonous influence of alcohol."-rompedas.blogspot.com

I am going to think about the damage alcohol does to all the tissues and organs in the body this weekend.
Looking at your body as your vehicle for getting around in this life and the house for a healthy mind and powerful spirit just makes you want to treat it better. A shift in perspective through thoughtful study is a great way to begin a healthier lifestyle!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spirit: a mom's perspective

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Facebook Lori Davis Potter: "On this day of football,
Mothers will think of those whom they love,
And they will know that it is just a game.

Victory always comes in the form of fighting to win the battle!
...I mean really fighting with all ya got!
NOTHING makes me prouder!
Winning comes from seeing your son(s) get up out of the pile (unhurt), and knowing that you taught him to:
Give it your all, do your best and forget about the rest."
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All Mamas still see their sons as their little babies!
All the fans need to take a Mom's perspective and we would all be better fans (good sportsmanship)!