I am hoping this blog inspires a desire in you to be at your physical potential. Losing weight in 2013, and setting up a lifestyle that allows us to keep it that way! I want this blog to allow me to motivate and to be motivated!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spirit: Paul influenced so many but must have struggled at times as well-

Apostle Paul - We do what we do not want to do.
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What do you do that you do not want to do??Making changes = a shift in mindset = a shift in actions! You can change with Jesus because  only He can give you the guidance and tools that you need. Look within and look to the Word.

Spirit: humbled by my own stupidity

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself "what is wrong with me?" Well I have --- this morning as a matter of fact. How can you know something so clearly and positively and yet do the opposite anyway?! I really know better! Things go so much better when you put God first- I know that I have certain triggers that once flipped send me landsliding (or backsliding shall we say). I want to be respected and then I act like a complete "lost" idiot sometimes. Paul wondered why we do what we do not want to do. Boy am I relating to that this morning. I argued and said things I should not have said and generally acted posessed :( Now I must deal with the apologizing and just working on my perspective. My kids are such a blessing and I need to focus on having a good party for my 13 yr. old --- that is turning 14. Iwant to exude a positive outlook today and put things behind me. Loose lips sink ships! A watchguard needs to have a permanent post at the gate of my mouth! I am doing a little soul-searching and bible searching this morning. Maybe Why? is not as important as Why not? The reasons that I should never act like that again is the Why not! The fact is that even if we say "I'm sorry" --- the bell cannot be unrung! I hope that my influence was insignificant and that a general understanding that I am really doing well and that we are making positive changes is evident from this point forward. Go forth and shine because this day is a blessing that we can choose to live in an upright manner.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Body/Spirit: an evening of me time

I am busy getting ready for Logan's birthday gathering (sleepover and cook-out). It is taking place tomorrow at 6 pm. While I am doing the stuff I've got to do to prepare my house and the food for the event I am going it alone, because it is Football time in the Potter household. Michael, Jake and Logan are all getting their photographs for the team and I instructed them to get a small group photo with all three of them (luv it). After the team photo session they will travel to a scrimmage about a two hour drive away and will return late --- I am not going since I am in full on party planning mode, and Jake will not be playing because of his slight concussion sidelining him (boo!) I am actually going to admit here on my blog that I am actually planning to enjoy my "me" time. I believe that it is a blessing to seize the opportunity to fully indulge in what you would like to do when you get the chance and then don't apologize for it!!

I would like to suggest making a list of 10 things that you really enjoy doing - and then making time to do at least one of these things a day!

example: taking a bath or sipping a drink on your deck/porch or taking a walk with an I-pod playing your favorite songs etc.

It can be anything as long as you really enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Body/Mind/Spirit: full plate today

Body- cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning + a 7pm ZUMBA class!

Mind- planning for, shopping for my son Logan's birthday party this weekend-- will put lots of pictures!!

Spirit: praying for my son Jake's dr. appt. to turn out with a positive result-- he is getting checked for a concussion today (darn football ie. a love/hate relationship w the sport).

Have you ever noticed that when you have a lot going on in a day and you get a lot accomplished that when you finally get in bed ---- you feel happier!

Therefore, go forth with your day and accomplish aka take care of ur bizness!!

Please pray for Jake - I want this to be a false alarm really badly!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Body: changing it up and setting new goals

Well I am excited about finding the "dailymile" widget that I added to my blog today! I am motivated to track my miles and see the numbers go up, up, up for # of miles and the time for them go down, down, down. I went over to the local high school and jogged on the track because I wanted an accurate time on my 3 mile run. Well, I did the first mile in 11:02 and the second slowed down to to 13:35 (wow!) then the last mile was about 14 min. A lot of room for improvement! I do love the simplicity of running, so with all this in mind I am changing my work-out schedule from a rolling schedule (3 activities) I am gonna get a little more regimented and do jogging 3 miles every 2 days. I will also do spin class some and Zumba classes --- as well as an occasional step routine work-out. My goal is to get to a 9 min. first mile and 10 min. on the second mile and 12 min on the last mile=31 min. I will be happy with 31 to 34 min. for 3 miles. I am really determined to reach my goal weight of 120-125 lb.s. I am currently at 164 lb.s and 5'3". I will be posting my next run on Fri. stay tuned!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Body:The Simple fact of weight loss

Most people eat too much, and eventually it shows up as fat. To lose that fat that you want to lose you need to eat less — it’s really that simple. I debated with some thin people (that always seem to argue that you don't need to starve to lose weight) that in order for me to lose weight (that is not the same as maintaining weight) that I have to eat very little food. What I really mean is that I am eating less than what I really want to eat. Why? I don't know! But when I am doing well on a weight loss goal I am really hungry a lot!!! Maybe it is perspective or hunger sensitivity that should be studied by some really smart psychologist! There is no two ways about it on the exercise question--- I cannot exercise enough to see "real" weight loss ---no thin friends: it takes a strict overall calorie restriction! Oh I have my tricks for portion control, point systems, plate sizes etc. but it all boils down to this----- Eat only when hungry, stay away from alcohol, eat lots of fruits, vegetables & lean proteins and stop eating when you are only slightly satisfied (not really full). And get moving 5 days a week (at least a hour work-out). Do these things 90 percent of the time and you will be at a healthier fit weight! Unless genetically blessed and /or have no prevalence to overeat or be lazy. Which I am unfortunately in none of those categories. Today I am going to a cook-out and I am not hungry at all. I will just pass on the food offered and enjoy an iced tea. Turning the corner after I have slipped off the edge is where I am at --- I know what has to be done. Looking forward to feeling thinner again!

Spirit: Friends!

Sometimes a girl just needs to be around other girls! My spirit lifted as i was telling my crazy stories and I saw these girls completely relating and understanding what I was talking about-- Also not to mention -- when I am carryin' on wildly about some mundane issue of motherhood or making a joke ---- "they get it!". How refreshing. Girls do need to get together and feel like we are not alone. Very important for our spirit!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Body: time to pay the piper

I have been off the wagon of fitness/weight loss the past week &1/2! I am not sure why except that in the back of my mind I am thinking my summer is slipping away (back to teaching in 1 week 3 days) and I want to spend my time indulging myself! darn it! Ha but the unfair part of this --- I feel fat & bloated and I am not enjoying feeling this way!!! Today I vow to get back on the fitness train!! I would like to go back to work weighing the same as I started the summer break at (approx. 157!) I am up to about 164. I am hoping some of it is unwanted fluid and not real fat gain. I like feeling thinner and healthier: so why, why, why is it so hard to not overeat???
I am ready to use the hunger scale and only eat at a 5 or 6 (10 being so hungry that you feel ill). I am ready to get my step routine in today and eat light healthy foods and have (possibly) one light beer this evening when the sun goes down on my deck. Love the time on my deck in the evening with my hubby. -- I would be too deprived if I gave that up completely--- In all things moderation is the key. Please remember that you will feel better if you are maintaining your healthy exercise and eating habits :-)

Spirit: sharing food

Last night I made a delicious lasagna (turkey/whole wheat) and I had the foresight to purchase and make 2 pans of it --- I think this should be a habit that more people incorporate into their everyday meals (fairly often), because you can always think of someone who could use and appreciate a meal. You are already going to the trouble of making the dish to begin with and doubling everything is usually very simple. I am taking this x-tra pan of lasagna to my Mother -- she doesn't have much and she will really be grateful--- win/win situation. I would like to take a meal or dessert to someone once a week. I am going to make this a goal for myself. The giver probably reaps more for their spirit than the receiver-- what a blessing!

Mind/ spirit: Love this mother's advice to her 17 year old daughter!{The Cottage Nest}

{The Cottage Nest}: "You are beautiful inside and out
-Don't ever base your opinion of yourself on what other people say or think about you
-Stay tenderhearted
-You won't always get your way- that's actually a good thing
-Even a small lie will erode trust
-Sometimes you work hard and your only reward is knowing you did your best
-Always try to look at the bright side- nobody wants to be around someone that is negative all the time
-Conduct yourself with grace and dignity
-You can be or do anything you want in life
-Only marry for love and wait as long as it takes to find the real thing
-You have an amazing sense of humor & I love how you are always yourself
-Drama is a waste of time
-Any job worth doing is worth doing right
-Never be mean
-Be able to take care of yourself so that you don't have to depend on someone but can choose to depend on them
-Stay close to Emma- having a sister is a special gift
-Your family is always here for you and loves you NO MATTER WHAT
Posted by Jen Kershner at 1:18 PM"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mind/Spirit: finding decor

It is a lot of work finding the right art pieces for your home I wanted something that had the same coloration that the rest of the dining room had - but I didn't want something huge to over power the room-- I love this geometric mirror and the fresh fruit prints on either side. I searched for a while and what was funny is the moment that I found this mirror I just knew! My mind and spirit came together for that aahhhhh, that's it moment. Very rewarding!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mind: Thinking about the importance of a woman's "good name"

Trying to establish a "good name" with family and friends is important to me. Is it to you?
rompedas: "But to a young lady, a 'good name' is a priceless jewel. It is everything—literally, EVERYTHING—to her. It will give her an attraction, a value, an importance, in the estimation of others, which nothing else can impart. In possession of a spotless character, she may reasonably hope for peace and happiness. But without such a character, she is nothing! Youth, beauty, dress, accomplishments, all gifts and qualities will be looked upon as naught, when tainted by a suspicious reputation! Nothing can atone for this, nothing can be allowed to take its place, and nothing can give charm and attraction where it exists. When the character of a young woman is gone—all is gone! Thenceforward she can look for naught else but degradation and wretchedness.
Young women frequently err in their understanding of what it is that gives them a good name, and impart their chief attraction. Many seem to imagine that good looks, gay attire, in the extreme of fashion, and a few showy attainments, constitute everything essential to make them interesting and attractive, and to establish a high reputation in the estimation of the other sex. Hence they seek for no other attainments. In this, they make a radical mistake. The charms contained in these qualities, are very shallow, very worthless, and very uncertain."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mind:Lovingyou.com: Love Poem: Summer Dream

Lovingyou.com: Love Poem: Summer Dream: by Tanyal
"Fireflies dancing in the wind...
The smell of barbecue lingering in the air...
Sweltering heat tanning our skin...
Long dreamy nights with someone special by your side...
The summer storm rising out of nowhere to cool the heat of the day...
The smell of fresh cut grass...
Childrens laughter drifting from everywhere...
Trips to the waterpark to make us grin...
Softball games and trips to the park...
Children snoring away in bed even though it's past 10...
The beautiful flowers all around...
Trips to places you don't normally go...
Vacations away to far away places...
Summer salads and ice cream all around...
Snowcones and sunflower seeds...
Longer days and shorter nights allowing more time for family..."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spirit/body: Flowers cut from my own garden!

I did this large vase of flowers and set them on the dining table-- lovely. What a wonderful feeling - I had planted these Zinnias from seeds and watered and fed them and enjoyed watching them become healthy and beautiful. Now to cut and arrange in this crystal vase and put them front and center on the dining table lifts the spirit up and gives another appreciated peek at the wonderful beauty of the natural world!! Aren't these shades of pink fantastic??

Spirit: Summertime

Summertime is a time to enjoy simple things
Summertime is a time to just "be" instead of "do"
Summertime is a time to feel the water cradle you
Summertime is a time to read, read, read
Summertime is a time to walk in the natural world
Summertime is a time for ice clinking in a glass
Summertime is a time to observe a movie marathon
Summertime is a time to have windows down and the
radio up
Summertime escapes our grasp way too fast

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mind:Understanding The True Definition Of Self Discipline

From Ineedmotivation.com
Understanding The True Definition Of Self Discipline: "Self discipline is one of the most common topics that comes back over and over again with my coaching clients. It seems like all of us are struggle to have the discipline to do something (or anything) in our life. Trouble waking up in the morning? Can’t get yourself to clean the dishes? Can’t finish that report or project on time? Can’t get yourself to exercise regularly? All of these scenarios have an issue rooted in the lack of self discipline.
What I have found to be one of the main causes why most people cannot master discipline easily or keep it up for the long haul, is a clear misunderstanding of the true definition of what self discipline really is. You see, most people go about self discipline in a way in which they eventually expect themselves to start liking whatever it is that they are doing, and when that doesn’t happen, they fumble back into their comfort zone, and give themselves all kinds of excuses as to why it didn’t work out. Such as “I’m not the type to be on time”, or “I’m the type that likes to be under pressure”, or “I’m a night owl”.
Here’s your wake up call:
Self discipline is doing something even if you hate it or don’t feel like doing it.
Doing something because you enjoy doing it is NOT discipline."

Body: Cherry Yum Yum &Greek Pasta!

Have ever made greek pasta? I am loving it! I have now made it a couple of times and I want to share the recipe here because this version that I have been making is so healthy and easy:

boil water and add penne pasta
In a seperate pan mix 1 frozen bag of spinach, 2 cans of cannelini beans, 2 cans of italian diced tomatoes some olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic-
& after pasta is cooked, drain and add to spinach sauce
Serve with feta cheese! yum!

speaking of yum --- Here is what I have made for dessert:
Cherry yum yum
line a 9x13 baking dish with vanilla wafers
mix together 2 blocks of cream cheese, 2 cool whip tubs, and a cup of sugar
smooth on top of v. wafers
top the whole thing with a can of cherry pie filling
The above picture is made with graham crackers crushed instead of vanilla wafers
Not healthy but such a delicious summer time dessert!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Body: step aerobics today

Step Aerobics is a great work-out because it fits into a busy day very easily! All you need is some sort of step and some good music. You can step up and down with the basic step and burn a lot of calories. I have made up a 45 min. routine that I do followed by some toning and stretching. I usually do a full hour of aerobic activity because I usually do an extra 15 min. of jogging then the toning and stretching takes an additional 15 min. I always feel like I have used my whole body when I am done with this work-out !!!!! which feels great!! I suggest if you have an old step somewhere in your house that you pull it out and try it again!

mind: God's desire for us to be transformed

I am in awe this morning of the fact that God's grace is renewed every morning. I was re-reading Beth Moore's bible study Breaking Free and I was inspired by the instruction she gave that (paraphrased) as long as the sun comes up in the morning we are given the chance to be delivered! The renewal, and the repeated chances to "get it right" is staggering to me. Just as I am forgiven for my weaknesses and shortcomings I wish to forgive others. I am starting to feel my heart soften toward someone who has done a terrible act of betrayal to me. Jesus is the only one who has such power. I do want to live a more uplifted life. I am tired of being stuck -- I am striving to let go of strongholds myself and want to live the life God has planned for me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My interpretation of the Beatitudes: do not be proud & self-sufficient (rely on God), mourn for personal and corporate sins while showing humility before God, have a deep longing for personal righteousness and justice for the oppressed, be merciful to others, have a pure mindset, promote peace, show your fitness for the kingdom even while being persecuted & rejoice!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Body: Attempting to start jogging routine and group

This photo is where I am jogging these days!
I am attempting to jog at least 2x's a week. My experiences wit jogging 1st thing in the morning has been very positive. I did a series of 5min. jogging, and 5min. walking until I completed 45 min. I felt like it was very doable and even enjoyable due to the fact it was pretty weather both times I have gone and cooler (because it was about 8:30 am). I also love, love, love listening to my I-pod while cruising along. There is nothing really that matches the sense of accomplishment I feel when I am all sweaty and stretching out at the end. I want to build up slowly to running the whole 45 min. because I have pain in my left hip when I run (arthritis prob.). I am also attempting to start a jogging/walking group that meets on Wed. and Sat. mornings -- I hope that there are at least 4-5 people that start this with me. The goal won't be to literally jog together but to meet at the same place and time and start off at the same time. Hopefully giving each other accountability and support! My other work-outs include Spin Class 2x's a week and step aerobics 2 x's a week!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mind/Spirit: The concept of living in the present

You can look at yourself as being aware of the world around you in 2 ways: Through the filter of your mind or through the interpretation of your feelings/spirit. Your mind wants to focus on problems, stressors, and future or past events. Think about it (it is as if your mind is protecting your from harm(fears)), and it is as if your spirit is living for the moment. If you are experiencing your true life you are experiencing the moment fully. For example something as simple as taking a nice hot bath in a jet tub. If your mind is in control (and busy) then you are somewhere else and not fully engaged in the feelings/enjoyment of the actual relaxing bath. Fully observing the soothing sound and feel of the water and possible lovely smells of bath products. Using soft music if you like adds to the moment. Going into nature is also an easy way to identify this separation of mind and spirit. If for example you are hiking in a lovely setting but are worrying about what you are going to do afterwards (ex. dinner, kids, hubby etc.) then you are not fully engaged in the beautiful surrounding. Sights and smells of the natural world speak to the spirit if you get your mind out of the way. All this to say I am an advocate for realizing that the step that you are currently taking on this journey of life is to be embraced and fully lived. Spend time observing your mind obsessing over future and past events. This is futile because all you can ever really do anything about is the present moment. God will supply you with what you need to handle any future situations and we all know that we can do nothing to change the past.

Monday, July 5, 2010

spirit/body/mind: kitchen buffet re-do

Love how this project turned out! Successful project = good for the sirit! + putting your mind to work and your body to work= good for the mind and body!!!! <

spirit: down in the dumps

Sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. I am mentally aware that I am fine. However, there is an unrest in my spirit. I am questioning whether my husband and I can keep going the way we are. He is always going to be distant and not see the problem. I am always going to need a lot of attention, conversation and companionship. I know that I am at a low today because I am getting ready to make some personal changes. I am going to hang in there but I need to get back into the bible study I was doing before. I am gonna focus on my health, my house, and my children. Summer is so nice for so many reasons and I need to enjoy the simple pleasures that go a long with it. July 4th was a lot of fun because the day started with watching my youngest son play baseball, and then I went to my Cousin's house for a BBQ (great food especially the homemade ice cream), then went home and took a nap before grilling out again at my mother-n-law's house. My sons Jake and Logan had a lot of fun and that made me have a good time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mind/Spirit: Stress Less & Enjoy Life-

I am thinking a lot about the expression "own it". I am approaching July 4th and the rest of the month for that matter, with an attitude of honesty about how I feel about things and my own weaknesses. I believe that when you "own it" then you are freeing yourself up to stress less. Ahhhhhh, just writing stress less feels good. Just say it to yourself or out loud for that matter "stress less". Hey and guess what when you stress less you enjoy life more!! My 3 new mantras for the month of July are going to be "own it", "stress less", and last but not least "enjoy life". Let's look at what each of these mantras mean really- starting with "own it"- knowing who you are and not apologizing for it. Be self-confident and self-aware. Holding yourself accountable through honesty about yourself but having the confidence to never give up on improving. Total acceptance of who you are now - the good, the bad & the ugly.
"stress less"- only letting things that you can do something about bother you. Not putting as much pressure on yourself and looking at each moment as manageable. Not putting focus on the future or past but only on the present moment and what needs to be done now!
"enjoy life" - taking effort to look at your life through rose colored glasses. Look for positives and really observing/ feeling those experiences. Do things that you truly like to do which means making time for those activities. Asking yourself often what would I like to do today -- then don't procrastinate then just do it!