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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mind: Mental labels

I have something on my mind this morning; I am thinking about how important mental labels are to how we live and experience our lives.

Have you like me labeled foods as "good" or "bad"? For me the labeling on the negative side are foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar or starches. I started thinking about how I have given a good or bad label to so many things subconsciously. I overall label experiences, people, pets, feelings, thoughts, and even kids. (You know that kid in the neighborhood who enters without knocking and rummages through your fridge and is real loud). Labels are important because the labels affect how we treat and experience the person, feeling, or object.
Now I want you to think about a few people that you have mostly labeled as "bad" and really think about why they are under that category in your mind.  I have done this and I have to admit a lot of any negative labels come down to a lack of trust (in general).

Now dig deep here:     
How do you label yourself??
If in fact you label yourself  "good" then that is  a positive thing however I challenge you to think about all the negative labels you give yourself on all kinds of everyday responsibilites or traits.  For example - I label when I say "I am just stressed easily and therefore I am anxiety-prone" or how about this one "I am just lazy".

If in fact you have mentally labeled yourself as "bad" then ooh my friend you are creating a cycle of continued negativity. When you see yourself this way - then you create a life where "bad" things are manifested.

The point can be said so many ways,but the point is this: Negative self-image perpetuates more negative actions while positive self image increases your possibilites and raises expectations that you WILL rise to!

Watch your self-talk and monitor your thoughts for any time you are accepting something about yourself that you do not like.

Labels can be wonderful when you tell yourself that you are "strong, kind, peaceful, generous, loving, supportive, dependable, and fun to be around" -

We will never be perfect but I guarantee we are creatures that change according to how we perceive ourselves. It is a long process depending on how negative that you see yourself but God sees you as His child and knows how valuable you are and a how much potential for living a full life you have. When you follow your inner voice when your conscience is telling you No!  You should have a moment of positive "self-talk" and build on that!

Make good choices today! It is a start :-)

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