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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mind: use of the word "love"

It has been on my mind during this holiday season how much I and others use the word "love" to describe unimportant objects, foods, entertainment etc. I have been guilty of this practice myself, and just the other day was giving such high praise to a popsicle--- yes- a popsicle! This was my first notice of such absurdity. I began to notice I labeled a lot of idiotic things with such affections. It popped out of my mouth how much I loved an ornament that I was just seeing for the first time and could hardly have had time to have really fallen  in love with... hmmmm. You laugh but haven't you in fact been throwing this precious word around with such frivolity that a clown would stop and say "wow that's funny"?
I personally pledge to change this habit; I recognize that "I really enjoy____", or "that is my favorite_____", or "I do like that kind very much" will suffice for such everyday pleasures as food, movies, songs, & decorative objects. I also will reserve the word "love" for the people in my life. I am pretty sure that in the Bible that Love was not thrown around in reference to sheep, manna or any other objects. When God uses the word "love" it is a powerful word, and I believe that it was powerful because it was reserved for only the deepest emotional connection that  human beings can feel. It is used in reference to an undying, devoted, sacrificial, beautiful, special feeling that promotes acts of caring for other people.
Don't you think that if we find ourselves saying "I love pickles", that this takes away some of the beauty and strength of the word "love"? I do.
And remember; from this point forward if I say "I love you" it means more than what I can feel for everyday objects that I encounter. Maybe if this special word was used only when it was appropriate then we would get more internal value when other's extol it upon us. Just a thought...

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