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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Body: "What can this food do for my body?" mentality

I want to go back to about a year ago when I was
Looking at food from a "what can
 this food do for my body?" frame of mind.I have actually copied part of a post from June  '11,these points are important and make sense for changing my mindset:Here the following is paraphrased from
You: On A Diet;

Fiber in the morning helps control afternoon cravings. Protein in the mornings decreases appetite.

Consuming "good fats" during the afternoon and early evening can help keep your sense of fullness. Such as nuts, olives and olive oils.

Omega 3 rich fish oils decreases bad cholesterol.

Limiting simple sugars keeps energy levels stable and decreases appetite as well.

Eat as many raw vegetables as you can!

This next section of my blog entry is to remind all of us that food is fuel for our bodies. How I plan on doing that is explaining in the most simple terms some of the vitamins we need and what they do for our bodies and what foods they are found richly in-

The first one is Vitamin A: 

When we eat foods rich in Vitamin A we are helping our body processes for vision, reproductive function, immune system and helping  the body produce and maintain the linings of the eyes, intestines respiratory and urinary systems. Not to mention the benefits for our skin cell renewal. 
What foods to eat??;
brightly colored fruits and veggies, liver, milk, whole eggs and fortified breakfast cereals

The second one is Vitamin B:
Vitamin B is more complicated because there is B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9 and B12 that are all important to our bodies. 
Best said this way :Vitamin B promotes overall health and well-being. 
Here is some of the bigger ones- helps our nervous system, helps us metabolize fats, carbs,and proteins into energy, and helps with DNA repair also blood cell maintenance and more! 
What foods to eat??;
Oatmeal, whole grains, potatoes, liver, eggs, leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, almonds, milk, cheese, fish, legumes, chicken, beef, avocados, non-citrus fruits, and fortified cereals.

The third one is Vitamin C:
Vitamin C protects the body's cells against the damage occurring during oxidation (a natural process that constantly changes cells as they interact with oxygen). 
Interpretation - helps us not get sick and maintains so many functions in our bodies! 

 What foods to eat??;Citrus fruits, brightly colored veggies, kiwi, and fortified juices

The fourth and final one is Vitamin D:
Vitamin D supports our bones, heart health, and nervous system and is so unique because our body manufactures it in response to direct exposure to the sun. 
What foods to eat??; 
Fortified milk and cheeses. Get outdoors in the sunlight a little bit every day if you can :-)

In conclusion, I would like to bring the point home that our body needs all these vitamins to work the way it is supposed to work. 
If we will look at potential meals in this way we will surely make better healthier choices for life. Changing your mentality to one in which we see food as promoting great body functionality, could be lifestyle altering forever. 

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