I am hoping this blog inspires a desire in you to be at your physical potential. Losing weight in 2013, and setting up a lifestyle that allows us to keep it that way! I want this blog to allow me to motivate and to be motivated!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Body: Fresh beginnings

Fresh cut flowers represent health and potential beauty - They are cut at their peak when ready to be used as a decorative touch. The flowers have to be given proper nutrition and water to become all they can be. We too need to to give our "temples" proper nutrition if we expect to reach our true potential. Think of how ridiculous it would be to not  "feed" a flower---but expect it to be a hearty/healthy display in the long - run. Think of this today when about to place "junk" in your mouth. Give your body all it needs to reach it's efficiency & physical potential. Have a active and healthy day. 

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