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Friday, February 18, 2011

Spirit/Mind: prescription for peace: prayers to repeat when needed-

Long to Worship YouImage by loswl via Flickr
I have a deep feeling that prayer should come from the heart, but I have recently found it beneficial to memorize a few prayers and recite them either aloud or to myself when I am tempted to overindulge or when I am finding myself to have a negative attitude. I think it is helpful to have a mind shifter such as an image or a memorized prayer to get back on the right spiritual track (re-focusing the mind). I am sharing a few of these prayers in the hopes that you will also find them to be a helpful tool to use in your time of need.

Help me acknowledge what you want for me. Please help me promote peace in ALL relationships.--- Amen

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the wonderful treasure of your Holy Spirit inside me. I praise you for the good news and the power I receive from you and now hold inside me! --- Amen

Heavenly Father,
Please help me continue my growth toward living a spirit-filled life, a spotless life, a blameless life, and help me turn my thoughts toward you now and throughout the day. I want to know you completely.--- Amen

Dear Savior,
Please allow your glory to fill up the "temple" of my body! --- Amen

Please let your truth penetrate my innermost thoughts and allow me to find satisfaction in You. Fill up my empty places, and help me realize that what I really crave is a relationship with You. Help me drink from the Living water when I am yearning for something intangible. ---Amen

Please let me reap the harvest of your fruitfulness. Feed me with your Word, and allow me to drink from the cup of the Holy Spirit until I have peace like a river. --- Amen

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