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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spirit: listening to our inner voice

AmmerseeImage by Robert Mehlan via Flickr
We have goals to reach and sometimes the success seems so far ahead of us in the distance that we think we will never reach the end of the metaphorical pier but I do know we are equipped with a powerful tool.
We all have an inner voice that is (for most of us) guiding us toward wise decisions. I wonder why sometimes we ignore that wonderful gift and say "ah hell with it - let's have a little fun". When we go there it usually ends up hurting us or taking us farther away from our goals. You may not literally say the above words in quotations but you might as well sometimes. You are figuratively saying it when you are making the decision to do something that you know will not really be good for you.
I do believe that if we took  a moment to think it through, and make a real decision by listening (i mean really listening) to our inner voice we would save ourselves a lot of anguish.

Here is the question that I hope you will ask the next time you are tempted to buy something you should not buy, eat something you should not eat, drink something you should not drink, say something you should not say etc. : "Will what I am about to do benefit me (my body) or lead me closer to my goals in life?" If the answer is no then run away from the object of temptation. You are the master of your ship!!

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