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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spirit: perpetual dissatisfaction

In the book of Haggai from the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, the subject matter is taking place in the second year of King Darius' rule. God wanted the people to rebuild the temple that had been started about 14 years before and never finished. The people were living in nice homes while the temple sat in ruins. The people had apparently planted a large crop, planted large vineyards, made clothes from what they had and were upset that they did not have enough food, "drink", or clothes to meet their needs. Haggai informs them that as long as the temple is not built (disobedience) then they will Never have enough! The people were saying we can't build now we have to plant more, process more grapes, and make more clothes -- we are too busy to work on the temple! They had not connected that until they were obedient, God (the unseen hand) was not allowing them to reap the fullness of the harvest they had planted.

I am always saying that I do not feel fulfilled, and it seems I can never satisfy myself with food or anything else for that matter; this book of the bible really made me think about how I am like the people under Darius' rule, I am disobedient and keep thinking that I will live a more spiritual life later-- after I get this work done, or this exercise completed -- or I think I am too busy with managing a house, working out and going to a full time job to add anything spiritual to my life. But AHA! I am needing to build the metaphorical temple. I really feel that I need to be doing more conscious day to day seeking for what the Lord wants me to do. I believe this blog is an act of obedience to the Lord. But I also know I should be volunteering more and trying to be more thoughtful with others. I have a desire to sing as well.

 We are not going to get what we want out of life no matter how hard we try (planting, working, preparing, hoarding, holding on to cash) unless we do what God wants us to do -- when we tell God "wait" then he doesn't allow us to feel prosperous. I have heard so many stories about wealthy, but dissatisfied & empty people. I believe this is why!

Now I hope that you are inspired to  start building God's temple - not your own

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