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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mind: do the work and train your mind to have a new perspective

Beth Moore - So Long Insecurity - First Hattie...Image by First Hattiesburg via Flickr
Well one of my dearest friends and I just wrapped up a 9 week study on the book So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore. I took notes and highlighted points that put an impression on my heart. My biggest take-away points were:
We are not meant to be motivated and live by reacting to our insecurities. We are meant to live effective, free, fulfilling, secure lives. God made us as "jars of clay" holding the most glorious treasure in our spirits. We have the power to decide to react to anything that threatens our security like a secure whole person would.
1. Identify what triggers your feelings of inadequacy then choose to react differently than you feel like reacting.
2.Tap into Jesus' power dwelling inside you.
3. Speak the truth into the feelings of self-doubt and choose to change your reaction into that of a secure person---- You may not have the secure feelings at first but your attitude will shift.
4. Be full of faith and realize no other person can give you the security that you desire. Only  our Heavenly Father can fulfill our needs. (Imperfect) People let you down!
5. There is a need for women to be a healthy role model for younger women. We are needing to be more aware of what images we are sending as a prosperous female.
6. Compliment yourself and other women for things other than their appearance etc.

There is way too much emphasis put on females to base their worth on how attractive or sensual they are!! We must deprogram ourselves and see ourselves through the Eternal Savior's eyes.
God made us and equipped us for our life and
we must above all trust Him above everything else!

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