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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spirit: gratitude is good for you!!!

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Be grateful for where you are - no matter where that may be. You may be a long way from your goals in life, but at least you're on the journey. Being thankful for the realization that the journey begun is the first step.
- This is from Livestrong.com (gratitude dare). I love how positive this statement is and am feeling like I am so thankful for the journey that I am on for self-improvement! ♥
To be actually thankful for the journey changes everything!!
Digest that for a moment ---- literally thankful for the journey!!
 I am loving the person I am in the struggle of becoming the person that I want to be = I already am grateful for who I am!
I like the fact that I never give up and that I have such an optimistic nature. I like the fact that I seek the Truth and answers. I like that I look at "the man in the mirror" (M. Jackson) more than others for blame.
I like that I put my family before my own selfish wants and that if I fail to work-out or have a weak moment due to familial stresses I am still trying to do what I feel is best for my family.
Part of the journey is also finding tools to help you strive for improvement. Anyone reading blogs with  a spirit of self-improvement I applaud you!!! Bravo!
It is actually fun to find new recipes, books, bible lessons, exercises and even friends that support you if you have the right attitude.
Why worry about improving Mind/Body/Spirit????
The alternative is not very satisfying!
We were made to flourish, grow and be productive, effective and inspiring role models for humanity.
When we are reaching our potential we are filled with the joy that God intended us to possess!

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