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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spirit: God's Love

Spirit: Sometimes I feel like I pray and reach out to the Lord for comfort and can't seem to feel anything. I am really wanting something tangible (to feel arms around me or words of comfort). I have been stumped on how we are supposed to feel His Love. Then, one evening last week I read a statement in a book store (it was inside a little "mini" book) - that said something like: how do we know God really loves us? I flipped the pages and in my head, I know this is awful, but I was saying "yada yada yada" until I came to this one page that said -- He sends us flowers every spring!

I must confess I had a moment. Imagine ---- He, the wonderful creator and Heavenly Father, does in fact send US flowers every ----- every spring!!!!!!!!

You see sometimes we are not appreciating the way God shows us His Love. I am now trying to see the "gifts" that God gives me and I mean really see them as a tangible expression of Love!

My children are amazing miracles
My friends' and their sweet hugs and laughter
All my abilities and free will
My pets and their loving humerous ways
Music of the natural world and abilities given to fellow human beings to create music

Well, that's just it --- I am loving looking at the constructive, creative things that people can do--- with the perspective that God is in it and the precipitous to it all!

We are so Loved and God is merciful-- He renews our potential to be all that He wants us to be every morning!! God wants us to be an expression of His Love to others!
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A poem to contemplate the love expressed to us daily:

           I Will Not Hurry
I will not hurry through this day!
Lord, I will listen by the way,
To humming bees and singing birds,
To speaking trees and friendly words;
And for the moments in between
Seek glimpses of Thy great Unseen.

I will not hurry through this day;
I will take time to think and pray;
I will look up into the sky,
Where fleecy clouds and swallows go by;
And somewhere in the day, maybe
I will catch whispers, Lord, from Thee!

                 -Ralph Spaulding Cushman

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  1. I had a really bad day after writing this---
    I am using this blog to inspire myself to feel and do better-- however, I mentally understood what I wrote here but I went somewhere else in the course of this day. I drank too much, cried, argued, and texted some really embarrassing things--- i have so far to go. prayers and thoughts of acceptance appreciated.