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Monday, November 1, 2010

Spirit- Move down the road away from regret

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-regret and guilt
 Like guilt, regret involves  the sense that you could have and should have acted differently. They find, for example, that short-term regret is focused on things we did rather than did not do, whereas long-term regret shows the reverse pattern. Why do we feel regret in the first place, and should we?

Regret springs from the wish to undo an earlier decision. Why? Typically, we feel regret when-and because-we have obtained new information. I ate the ice cream at midnight. At 3 a.m. I threw up. At 3.05 a.m. I felt regret. I (feel I) know that I could have acted differently; I could have chosen the fragrant French herb salad as a late-night snack. Alas, I cannot undo an earlier decision. Time travel remains the stuff of science fiction. Regret is a form of hindsight.

From: (paraphrased)Forget Regret (psychologytoday.com)

Filled with regret today;
Regret and guilt do not seem to do anything positive for us.
These feelings weigh you down and make you consider yourself to be "less than".
I am sure that - just deciding to change and set about doing just that is what we should do when faced with regret.
I have to say, I do want to move forward and put the regret behind.
I am convinced that my weakness has to do with the emotional toll I have endured in the past year and 1/2. I have gone down a road of self-destruction at times and tried to pull myself out with several tools.
I have found myself reaching for the comforts of food and alcohol too often. 
I am hoping that expressing my regret and admitting truthfully that I am not living an abundant life but instead have fallen short too often will be motivational for you!
That is right motivational--

I am not giving up -- I am still looking for ways to build my self-control and relationship with Jesus.
I am writing in a journal, and currently reading/discussing the book The Shack. I am once again trying to commit to prayer and bible study time.
Regret is a feeling that has to be felt and absorbed as a message from your spirit to teach you not to make the same mistake again---- Then moved on from.....

Own it and then let it go and let God!

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