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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mind/Spirit : planning vacation in Pensacola, Florida

I am getting so excited researching and planning out what we will do on our vacation this year!! It is good to learn about the history and prepare to take in some of the events that the locals would participate in. I cannot wait to just lay on the beach in the sun!! But I also will enjoy doing some of the many things to see and do in Pensacola. Such a great place for bicycling, and music performances (their is a jazz club I am really excited about). Just walking the gorgeous white sand beaches at sunrise is enough -- ohh and don't forget the seafood I will be having all week long!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?!?
Pensacola, Florida Florida vacation rentals: "A Spanish sailor first settled in Pensacola, but due to a hurricane leaving devastation, it was abandoned not to be resettled again until the 1600’s. Steeped in amazing history, till this day, it is the home of Florida’s oldest church, The Old Christ Church and the country’s oldest shipwreck, dating back to 1559. Also, St. .Michael’s Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state of Florida."
Downtown Pensacola sign, taken by me.Image via Wikipedia
Old Christ Church, Pensacola, FloridaImage via Wikipedia
Pensacola Photos
This photo of Pensacola is courtesy of TripAdvisor
35 days 'til I will be walking along the water's edge with the wind blowing my hair and feeling small compared to the overwhelming site of the ocean!!


  1. Hello, Mrs. Potter,
    My Family has went to Pensacola for several years we absolutely love it. We stayed on St. Georges Island, and made trips to town. They have the cutiest Auntique stores there. There is also a Fabulous restuarant that has the best Oysters Rockafella you will ever taste. I had no Idea you had a Blog, I am loving catching up on it. You are a Marvelous woman. I am really enjoying reading it. I believe I have followed down a similar path as your self and am just starting in the past year to get back on track to knowing me and following God. Thank you for the inspiration:)

  2. Melanie, Your kind words mean so much - thank you. I will have to force my husband into going to some of those antique stores that you mentioned, and I hope that you continue to enjoy my blog.