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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spirit- Stronger

The concept of strength is coming up alot in my life right now. It started around the time that my husband and I were discussing bringing in the groceries... I had noticed him jumping and practically running to help anyone else (mostly his Mama) to bring groceries in, but he doesn't really help me get them in - only if there is a really large amount of bags. Not even the 50 lb. dog food bag seems to phase him into jumping in to lend a hand. I just thought how rude is he?! When I asked him about this I had a huge aha moment. He said (and he meant it) "well, you are so strong and I know you can carry all that easily and Mom can't. You are  able to do it, and probably the strongest female I know."
Now, at first I was like "surely you don't think I am that dumb", but then it hit me - he sees me as CAPABLE  of handling a lot.
People do rely on "strong" people more, and it is true that more may be required of someone that is capable.

I got that - but then in my current bible study (esther - It's tough being a woman by: Beth Moore) when I was reading the 2nd day of week 2 another connection was made for me.
Esther could not have been chosen by the King to be his Queen unless she had the qualities that won his favor. How did she do it - she had grown strong over the years of trials and hard work. She was disciplined in her body (she was beautiful outside as well), and she exhibited self-control (manners and a pleasing attitude).   She was able to do this because she was CAPABLE.

I am positive that at the time her parents were killed and she had to go and live with her Uncle that she didn't know that this is what had to be done in order for her to be the woman she would become, but God knew.

God knew she could handle it and God knows that strength grows out of trials. When I realized that God favored Esther and put her there in the role of Queen because she was capable I got a good dose of chills.

God knows I can handle my role in this life and I want to allow all the hard times in my life to make me stronger -- Not weaker!!!  God has favored me and given me opportunities to overcome adversities, and be a capable woman. A different perspective on the old adage to whom much is given much is required!
 Let it be a good thing and embrace it - positive things come to those ----that are CAPABLE of handling being a
Queen in their own life.

Then when I heard this song - I could not believe that I was getting another connecting piece on the concept of becoming stronger! Love this song!! What a blessing.

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