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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Body/ Mind/ Spirit:Christmas Tree

I definitely started not to have a Christmas tree that was 6 foot and highly decorated due to the fact that I live with 3 males who couldn't care less. But then I thought well I enjoy the glow of a Christmas tree and it is fun to come up with a theme to decorate the tree. It is also a creative outlet for me by deciding artistically where each ornament should go and what kind of materials to use (ribbons etc.) This year I changed the look  by adding green ornaments and a gold ribbon- Looks more fancy this year as opposed to the more rustic looks I have done in the past. I am very pleased and feel that the Christmas tree feeds all our needs ; Mind: thinking, planning, deciding on decorations and placement of them - Body: the job can be a work-out with all the reaching, stretching and placing everything just so - Spirit: Sitting back and gazing at a "job well done" while absorbing the soft lovely glow and shimmer of the beautiful celebratory ornaments. Ahhhhhh. Nice- fills you up!

The Christmas tree is definitely a holiday tradition that will endure. It is simply good for you! Here are some more lovely trees to enjoy:

Christmas treeImage via Wikipedia

American Christmas TreeImage via Wikipedia
An artificial Christmas tree.Image via Wikipedia

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