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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mind: We ARE what we DO!

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Patterns are the indicator of what we really think...   We are what we repeatedly do. True change for how others perceive us is based on changing what we do on a daily basis. Start with small changes. For example if you do not like the idea of being perceived as cranky or grouchy by your loved ones. Change one pattern. First become aware of a  pattern of behavior that might contribute to other's perceptions (i.e.pointing out a negative when a positive is brought up). Once you admit a negative behavior pattern then you can effectively attack that behavior. Change just that one reaction, and in time that "grouchy" perception of you will fade. Move on to the next individual behavior and work on changing it. Real change is a process that takes as long as building the original perceptions did. If you build gradually by altering one behavior at a time then you will more than likely reach your goal of transformation. By realizing (for example) that you do not have to go from being considered "lazy and/or unhelpful" by your family to a "relentlessly active hard-worker" all in one day -should relieve you from a defeated attitude.

1.Take a personal inventory of perceptions that other's have of you that you do not like.
2. Become aware of a behavior pattern that might fuel this unwanted perception of you.
3. Admit that it is a negative behavior that needs to be changed.
4. Consciously decide to have a different behavior when you would normally have indulged in your normal pattern.
5. Do not move on to changing another pattern until you have completely dealt with and eliminated the first one.
6. Complete personal change one behavior at a time.
Note: some people will never change their perceptions of you --- no matter what you do.
Also it matters more what behaviors that you view as negative for yourself than what other's think.
You have to want to change! The fact is if you perceive that the pattern is negative in other's mindsets than it is probably really bothering you, and needs to be addressed.

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  1. very insightful. might i add that family is sometimes harder on you than anyone else in the world.