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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mind: WW points and new strategy/Body: 2 good recipes to try and work-out schedule/ Spirit: facing difficulties

 Well 2 solid weeks of not calculating any WW points and not journaling about what I have been eating has yielded a solid 5 pound weight gain. I took this pleasurable break to see if I could do as the French women do ( you know the book Why French Women Don't Get Fat). I wanted to eat what I wanted and fully enjoy it and try not to over-eat. Well apparently I want to eat more than I want to burn off- hehheehee. Plus I did enjoy some wine and beer in the past 2 weeks -  oooh and not that light beer or 65 calorie water/beer --- I had the real stuff - I am talking about rich full flavored Lager. I have to say that this is a mental learning comprehension of facts experiment that has taught me this: I need a routine and a tool for not over-eating: which happens to be  WW points and a regular exercise routine. I am gonna focus on my achievements and not get so bent out of shape when I don't follow everything to the letter. A lil splurge here and there is acceptable. Using my mind to construct a doable way of eating w/out driving my self crazy --
Here is my guide for weight loss:
Consume 4-5 points for breakfast
& a 2 point snack
then 4-5 point lunch
another 2 point snack
Then 8-10 point dinner

Simple and doable!
The healthier the food the better!

2 nutritional recipes to fuel  your body:
4 point breakfast:
Toast 2 pieces of whole wheat (50 cal. a slice) bread
scramble 3 egg whites
Melt a slice of red. fat cheese over the egg whites
smear on 1 tblsp. of light mayo

4 point dessert: 1/6 of pie is a serving
Reduced fat graham cracker crust
Mix in a bowl:
Free Cool whip (regular sized container)
1 block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/4 cup of sugar
Poor into crust and chill in fridge for a couple hours

Now I want to share my work-out routine:

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-I start with bicep/tricep/ shoulder work with a 10 lb. weight in each hand (2 sets of 20)
then machines for inner/outer thigh, quadriceps, and then leg press
-I move to the cardio machines for 30 minutes on the Eliptical Machine and 15 more on the treadmill
-I follow this with abs and push-ups and a deep stretching session
- Doing this 2 times a week
 and Spin Class 2 times a week
plus keeping active in general is the goal!

Spiritual need for prayer-
I am successfully putting on an outer impression that all is well- but I am struggling with a personal betrayal in my life. I have been asking God what I am expected to do in light of this reality!?
Following Jesus as an example would lead me to the dark night that He was betrayed by Judas- He still called Judas "friend".
(Matthew 26: 46-56)
Jesus was faced that night with unanswered prayer, and betrayal but still had compassion.

I think with betrayal you can either;
cram it down in your insides and pretend it doesn't exist,
pretend that it is not really what it is (call it a horse when it is a donkey),
or truly see it in a different way- with compassion toward the sinner and their inability to stand firm against the powers of darkness- of Satan (wordly reasoning).

My ego is bruised but my eternal soul is in tact and I am fortunate to be the peacemaker this holiday season.

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