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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Body: thinking about a new hairstyle

This is my hair now:

I started to think about how interesting it would be to browse popular hairstyles from previous decades and I found 1 picture for the 20's through now that were representative of a popular hairstyle at the time. I am wanting a new hair-do that endures the tests of time. Let's take a walk through the images of the popular hairstyles I found and see if there is any common thread:

poor women in the 20's! The hair that jumps out at me the most is Farrah's representing the 70's! Wow that was some great hair. Love "The Rachel", and I am thinking about a curlier choppier bob than the most modern (katie) hair-do. the bob length seems to be the most popular through the decades. What do you all think?

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