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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spirit: Defensive nature

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If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them. When someone gets defensive they are basically justifying their actions.
A defensive stance, attitude, or argument indicates that the person knows (down deep) that they are wrong and are unwilling to change.
Sometimes, it is just not time for them to be able to change. Timing is so important (maturity in Christ).
Sometimes, more often the case, the person is identifying themselves with a stronghold that is holding them back. In other words, they cannot see themselves without their weakness, vice or escape mechanism. This is obvious when someone says things like "that's just how I am", or "that's just me", or even worse "who would I be if I couldn't _______?"  
Is it time for you to examine your strongholds? What is holding you back from living the abundant life God wants for you? What excuses do you make about your weaknesses and deficiencies? Some things are just so hard to let go of.

Here is the truth though: None of us are strong enough, good enough or perfect enough!  Only through God's help and guidance through the Holy Spirit of Jesus can we stop being defensive and make real change in our lives.

It is time!as soon as you make the decision to let go of your filthy rags (old ways) and put on the royal robes that only God can provide.
I know that I have been "getting in the way" of what God wants for me. I truly want to change and allow God to revive me and give me peace. I am on this path for a reason  and I do believe that there are a lot of things to do, that give purpose to life that I am letting pass me by.


  1. Your to good of a singer to not be singing! Just Saying.

  2. I love you Gabie! I should be using my voice. Maybe an opportunity will open up soon.