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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mind: thoughts on the season Autumn

Autumn SunshineImage by davidjwbailey via Flickr

Autumn is around the corner and I intend to welcome it! Embracing the leaves' deep and vibrant colors! It will not be long until we will wake up to crisp temperatures and throw on jeans and light jackets!

Autumn is just another season, right!???? I know this but it is definitely my favorite season! We will sit around bonfires, go to too many football games, grill out and take walks. Not to mention the fall decorations!!! All this talk about seasons brought back to mind the old song by The Byrds-- A time to be born, A time to die --- to every season -- Turn, Turn, Turn.  Then I looked to Ecclesiastes 3.  My feelings after reading this well known scripture ---- Humans have little or no control over time and seasons (changes in aging) that they must go through. Only the eternal God determines all of life's developments and systems in the external world and the human body. God controls life and provides opportunities for growth, and prosperity. Our world is full of experiences to be enjoyed and many beautiful natural scenes to behold. We find meaning in life when we fully accept what bounties are given from the hand of God!! We will all die one day -- all living things die and have their seasons to witness, experience and enjoy. Our number of glorious Autumns are numbered. Enjoy this phase of the external world as if it was your last. Soak in the beauty and take full advantage of the wonders that God allows us to enjoy!

The idea that we are all gonna go through the phases of life and we should accept the season that we are in is  filling up my heart. Accepting the phase of this time in my life--- is what I am wrapping my mind around! I vow to appreciate my age, knowledge and self-control (that I have gained by middle-age). I am going to also try to enjoy the wonderful opportunities and joys of the upcoming Autumn.  I hope that you do as well. Commit to spending time in the natural world that God created.  

Acer platanoides in autumn colors.Image via Wikipedia
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