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Friday, September 3, 2010

Body: Alcohol

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Alcohol is a poison. It's intoxicating effect is proof of this fact. What causes the feeling (change in consciousness) is the body trying to process and eliminate the poison.
After reading several articles on alcohol I have discovered the idea that alcohol is the cause of many diseases: because it starts the process of the disease. It is not obvious to the sufferer that the alcohol is to blame but it probably did in fact begin the breaking down of organs and/or tissues that cause so many illnesses and diseases. I believe that a lot of the damage comes from the fact that our bloodstream is so vital to our health and so affected by alcohol.

"“The blood is the great circulating market of the body, in which all the things that are wanted by all parts, by the muscles, the brain, the skin, the lungs, liver and kidneys, are bought and sold. What the muscles want they buy from the blood; what they have done with, they sell back to the blood; and so with every other organ and part. As long as life lasts this buying and selling is forever going on, and this is why the blood is forever on the move, sweeping restlessly from place to place, bringing to each part the thing it wants, and carrying away those with which it has done. When the blood ceases to move, the market is blocked, the buying and selling cease, and all the organs die, starved for lack of the things they want, choked by the abundance of things for which they have no longer any need.”—FOSTER." (from Rompedas.blogspot.com)

"Alcohol not only hinders the blood in its work of tissue nutrition; it also prevents the full oxidation of the blood in the lungs."- rompedas.blogspot.com

"Alcohol, even in moderate doses, paralyzes the vasomotor nerves which control the minute blood-vessels, thus allowing these vessels to become dilated with the flowing blood."- rompedas.blogspot.com

"The liver is the first important organ, next to the stomach and bowels, to receive the poisonous influence of alcohol."-rompedas.blogspot.com

I am going to think about the damage alcohol does to all the tissues and organs in the body this weekend.
Looking at your body as your vehicle for getting around in this life and the house for a healthy mind and powerful spirit just makes you want to treat it better. A shift in perspective through thoughtful study is a great way to begin a healthier lifestyle!
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