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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Body: week in review

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Last Sunday I sat here in the same spot planning out my healthy week and vowing to have strict discipline as a part of my goal- I failed miserably wasn't successful in completely adhering with fidelity to my plan. However, I made a lot of progress and will do even better this week. Here is the lowdown:

I did 3 work-outs and my heart rate was fine (I did not push myself though- I have to say I took it easy). My confidence is building and I will have more intense work-outs this week.

I did consume plenty of water but this is a normal part of my lifestyle already-- I did try to get in a little more than normal!

Plenty of sleep and even 1 nap (I love a good refreshing nap)

I had 4 small meals only on 2 of the days last week. I had too many starches in general but I know I ate better than previous weeks.

Planning really does help!!!

My most disappointing result is the fact I did not find a pedometer that I wanted to purchase.

Reset goals for the week:

Eat 4 small meals -- with dinners being a lean protein and 2 vegetables (maybe add a whole wheat starch)

Sun: get pedometer and walk/jog
Mon. step routine
Tues. spin (cycle) class
Wed. rest
Thurs. walk/jog
Fri. rest or step (depends on how I feel)
Sat. Zumba class

Changes- Use pedometer, move prayer/study time to mornings,  keep a exercise/food journal and eat more veggies!!!
feeling better already and I cannot wait to report back next Sunday --- I would love to hear more about how you are doing. Comments will only inspire me!!! thanks and in closing I would like to offer these words of advice:

  • Accept correction: from friends, family, the weight scale, or the mirror. 
  • Do not try to figure out a quick tricky way to lose weight. 
  • Be positive about your progress and the process you are going through while working hard to achieve success. 
  • Listen to advice(support) from those that have fought the battle and won it(longterm). 
  • Be truthful about what you are doing and your results. 
  • Seek out and hang around only those individuals that will help you promote success with following your plan!  
  • Good Luck!

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