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Saturday, January 22, 2011

body: Spin class

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I love what spinning does to my body

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1. It’s an awesome fat burner and fitness booster. The interval training style takes your heart rate up, then gives you a (short) rest, so you can do it all again. This is scientifically proven to be one of the most efficient ways to increase your fitness. Increased fitness equals more energy, faster metabolism, stronger joints and did I mention hot legs and ass!
2. It’s low impact so safer on your joints. If you are a little on the heavy side, running might make you feel like your joints get the hardest workout, not your muscles. Cycling with your feet secured on the pedal is called a closed kinetic chain activity. This keeps you hips knees and ankles in alignment, reducing/preventing injury and allowing your muscles to be loaded in the right places. Although I believe running to be the best form of weight loss, I rate cycling classes as a close second and much gentler on your joints.
3. You can’t help but work harder. Look around the room. Look at your instructor. These people are working hard. Yes you can rest, slow your pedal speed, reduce your resistance, but you’ll get going again. Pumped up music, encouraging words from you instructor, and the comfort of knowing that everyone else is sharing your pain, makes you feel like trying that little bit harder. You will feel so proud of your accomplishment and feel confident to try even harder next time.
4. No coordination required. Boys, finally a class where you don’t need a dance certificate to participate! You’re locked in, the bike won’t fall over, and all you need to do is twist the resistance dial and sometimes stand up in the saddle. In fact if you know of someone who has fallen off, they deserve a medal (I’d love to hear about it!).
5. Every level of fitness can participate in the same class. Don’t be daunted if Lance Armstrong straps in next to you.

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