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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mind/Spirit: 1.Self-discovery; closer look

Self discovery is an important part of becoming a truly fulfilled, peaceful person. Even though it should be obvious that we should know ourselves better than anyone or anything, the opposite is quite true  (so often).We are unclear about what we are driven to receive and enjoy- we tend to limit our rewards!
       The bible talks about using our gifts and talents. I am referring to the idea that -we are falling short in this life when we are not serving others with our God given gifts. The bible also suggests that we will not be content without using our unique capabilities.
       With these ideas that 1.)we should know ourlelves but don't & 2.)we are not ever gonna be satisfied unless we figure out what we really want to do and be - lets go forward.

3 effective tools are:
Vision board
doing more

A vision board is a bulletin or poster board filled with images of things that elicit some strong feeling or response. Sitting down with a pile of magazines and cutting out pictures that interest you - an eclectic pile of magazines is best, you will find some themes and ideas coming forward. Narrow your search to "things that you really want" -
when doing this never limit yourself by the constraints of this life-- the sky is the limit!
Streamlining your focus is the goal
and the process is to clarify what you really want.
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Journaling clarifies the spiritual side of what you want:
Pray and meditate on what your purpose is- what kind of serving do you believe that God has entrusted you with? After quiet prayerful thought then journal what came up. No matter how insignificant you think it seems. Here a pattern will emerge also.

Doing more means actively seeking experiences that will broaden your opportunities for knowing what you like to do and even finding out what you do not enjoy. It really is true that a lot of people miss out on things that would enrich their lives by not "trying something new!"

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