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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Linky from Jillsy Girl's blog


I am obsessed with meal planning so balanced diet is immediately popping into my head!
Weight Watcher's changed their plan to give participants a more sustainable healthy and balanced diet!
The updated USDA food pyramid, published in 20...Image via Wikipedia

Balance means that nothing is being overdone. Middle of the road, restraint, not adding too much or taking too much away!!!

To me balance means moderation in all it's glory!

My Mammaw used to preach moderation in all things!!!!
When things are out of balance you tumble!!!!


  1. Thank you for joining in my Blog Hop! So nice to meet you! I think the key to balance is to find the right percentages of each element so life flows smoothly. Very tricky indeed!! Please join us again tomorrow for the word "Soar"!

  2. out of balance tumble - that's good and so true
    Just clicking thru on some Jillsy's links.