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Monday, April 18, 2011

spirit: what motivates you in your Christian walk

Yesterday at church I was highly aggravated with the sermon that was being delivered by our dedicated preacher. You see, he was giving examples of how bad things happen (really bad) to people that are very good people. John the Baptist, Job, Joseph etc. I have known these bible stories, and always heard sermons about how we are always going to face tough times, but I had never digested the fact that there is no guarantee that our life will be any better because we live a Christian life, or that we will not necessarily be rewarded with comforts and/or adoration from others.
I was slapped in the face with an angry feeling that bloomed out of "this is not real motivating to live a moral Christian life". I have to say that what has come out of the sermon for me has been life-changing. 

I realized that I was looking to other peoples's opinions for fulfillment, and happiness. I am doing good "expecting" a reward (usually in the form of being adored).

The fact is now evident; that we should be motivated by the desire to please God and not by what goodness we can gain.  

If you look to people appreciating you as your main source of happiness then you will be let down everytime.

I will strive to be motivated by a pure humble desire to please our sweet heavenly Father.

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  1. Read Phillipians Chapters 3 and 4. Your reward is forth coming in heaven the problem with this life in the flesh is that patience is hard to learn. Love you, and it warms my heart that I am not the only one in my family straining toward the goal.