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Monday, May 10, 2010


Take responsibility for your choices. I have decided it is in my best interest to not have ANY alcohol for a couple of months and allow a deeper dependency on the Lord for my source of comfort to develop. This is experimental because I really do not believe that I have a serious issue with alcohol but I do depend on it in social and stressful situations. I have not had any alcohol for the past 7 days and did feel a little tempted last Friday. I was going to use it to "relax". Instead I turned to the Lord and prayed for peace and contentment with my vow of sobriety. It is a time for growth! Join me!


  1. I am proud of you for making this decision. I believe that when we depend on anything,(food, alcohol, things,etc...) other than Christ, we are not going to feel at rest. Alcohol is not a factor for me, but there are other things that I tend to turn to in stressful times, so the same holds true for that. I am sure your efforts will be blessed and I hope you come away experiencing growth and finding an even deeper dependency on God.

  2. Made it to day 25 and then drank some Sam Adams Light w/ an old high school friend. I have definitely gained insight on this experiment-- Alcohol is only an issue if you focus on it and rely on it in any way --- I know I don't have to have it, and enjoy life very much without-- Leave it for special and rare occasions is now the goal :-)