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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mind: Growth comes from thinking about money differently

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So many people waste money on fast food/convenience foods, alcohol, cigarettes, expensive motor vehicles, the latest cell phones, and  highly sought after name brand clothing. These are all the things that will make you poor and keep you poor. Indulging in any of these will almost certainly qualify you as a  poor money manager.
The wise money managers invest. They invest in businesses, trusts,  shares, quality assets, and even properties. They always have money to save and access. Their wise managing allows them to have more in the long run.

Simple idea -- to embrace: If you have $20.00 and spend $21.00 - You are not a wise money manager!

Now guess what????? I am a poor money manager!!!! It all starts with a confession and the desire to change! I want to inspire you to start spending less and learning about investing just as I am now desiring to do! It like anything else takes a different mind-set! We need to start thinking about money in a different way altogether!  Strive to make small money saving changes at first and join me in stopping the credit card madness! Let's become wise money managers!!!!
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