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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mind/Spirit: Pride is the root of so many problems!

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Pride. What does that word mean to you? Well I am thinking today about the damaging kind of pride. The kind of pride that doesn't allow you to say "I am sorry". The kind that does not allow anyone to correct or give constructive advice to you. The kind of pride that doesn't allow others to help you or add to your life. The kind of pride that fills you up with jealousy and makes you resist the idea that you are not always the first choice, most talented, favorite friend etc. Well , the fact is your not those things 100% of the time! The kind that makes you devalue yourself when you are not getting promotions or attention. The kind of pride that makes you not ask for or accept help!!

Pride needs to be put aside in order to reach our potential as spiritual, intelligent, and constructive adults.  When you feel prideful in the negative sense you are shutting the door on admitting that you are needing to improve in certain areas. This shuts down growth! When you are unable to hear criticism without being sent into a defensive fit --- you are being prideful! I know this well because this is more likely my own response when I am criticized.

We must learn to look at ourself as an imperfect person that is gonna have lots of problems, struggles, and challenges. I am suggesting that we pray for Pride to get out of our way and that we begin to open ourselves up to the idea that we are growing when we admit our shortcomings willingly and begin to say "sorry" more, while accepting help from those that care.
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