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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mind: learning to control your thoughts is a skill

Have you ever really thought about what a problem is?-----
I think problems are mind made. The truth is perception plays a huge part on what we consider to be a problem. Have you ever known someone that  seems like everything they do and say is related to some kind of "problem"? I have! What I am saying now I believe ----- WE are faced with situations either to be dealt with or accepted! These situations are only a "problem" when we stew and stress over them.
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When faced with a difficulty decide what you can do to change this situation; then do it, or don't. Then accept reality. Dealing with uncomfortable feelings has to do with controlling your thoughts! I am a lot better at it than I used to be but I am still working on it.  It is a skill to be honed into an automatic way of thinking. Take a few minutes and really think about what is going on-- most of the time you are equipped to deal with what is happening to you at that moment. The rest of the mess should not hold your mind hostage! Maybe there are rare exceptions when there is pain to be dealt with but most of the time you have the power to choose to ask the question: "is this really hurting my soul?" or "is this really hurting me physically?" A lot of the time it might just be hurting your ego-- which is not who you really are! Your ego is mind made as well--- You are so much more than that! WE all have ideas and images of ourselves that we think is who we are, but God knows that you are His child and that one day you will spend eternity with Him. The guilty people are hurting themself and only truly hurting you if you allow them to! Hold your head up, and continue to treat people well. Change what you can and accept what you can't change. Well there really is one more choice that needs to be recognized : get rid of the source of discomfort.Sometimes this means leaving a source of distress behind. Often the source of distress is a habit or addiction. For me it is a way of thinking. It is time for me to live a more peaceful life and I welcome it. I hope you make the same decision.

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