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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mind/Body/Spirit: What does a day look like lived for the Lord?

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When I first woke up I thought - "Today is mine to plan and do what I want to do". Then it the next split second I thought "Today is really the Lord's, turn it over to him". Bummer, right? Well I don't really think so -- I am willing to see how I feel about it at the end of this day. I hope some of you will join me in my attempt to hand this day over to God and live like I truly think He wants me to. So this begs the question-- What does a day like that look like? I got my Bible and said to myself even though I think I know -- I am going to look in the greatest source of guidance that we have--I found these things to help me know what to try to do for the day; Joshua 1:8  all verses paraphrased; read the book of Law (aloud) and meditate on it night and day, 1Ch 16:23 and Psalms96 both say>  sing and praise the Lord day after day, while Psalms 90:12 warns us to live well because our days are numbered(don't be foolish). Galatians 5 16:25, and Gal. 6:7-10 offers up 2 important facts, we are to live by the spirit and not the flesh, and the good ol' YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! So I have gleaned out this---------------
When you begin your day know two things-- You are forgiven and given a fresh day, but you only have a certain number of days to live and being foolish (living by the flesh) brings no real happiness. Spend time studying and meditating on the Word, praise and even sing to the Lord (i will have my radio also tuned into contemporary christian as well), Do for others, and try to be in touch with the Holy Spirit that is residing inside you (allowing God to guide me). When you are living by the Spirit we are wanting to  help anyone that is in need (gladly), have an attitude of inner happiness (comes from knowing we have eternal life), promote harmony( make and keep peace), put up with others (what do you think patience means, duh?), do thoughtful deeds, show generosity, do what you say you are going  to do(be reliable), and humble yourself to the Lord while showing self-control (turn from sinful desires).

With all this in mind I feel blessed to be a Mother because I feel that ingrained into our day are a lot of opportunities to serve others. Maybe you never thought about it that way. I am not sure that I really have, but I will today. I plan on praising and meditating more as well as looking for chances to be helpful to others -- and run from my sinful nature. Good luck with your attempts as well!
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