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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spirit: Looking at others through a new lens of understanding

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Today I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love toward all  fellow members of mankind. Because, it dawned on me that we all have felt rejected at different times all through our lives! I happened to be sorta rejected by my own kids today (which is what got me wonderin' how many other Mamas feel that way when their children get to their teenage years). After I wondered about that I started thinking; well, all kinds of people male and female are rejected a lot too! We all have a chance to feel rejected as toddlers when not getting enough attention (by our own perception), or as a grade schooler by classmates, or even by certain teachers or coaches. We might not be good enough to play on a sports team that we want to be a part of etc. Sometimes it can be an unaffectionate, distant parent that leaves us feeling rejected. It can be a verbally abusive parent, sibling, or spouse. Sometimes instability in a home can cause us to feel unwanted and insignificant. What about just the rejection given out by the opposite sex!!!!! I know everyone has felt unwanted at one time or another. Take a moment and consider that everyone has probably felt rejected and then let that empathy flood your heart and soul. We are all just looking for acceptance and the feeling of being valued.  Let positivity and understanding flow out from your spirit and you will receive positivity in return. When someone is showing a bad temperament they are defending themself usually. Most of the time they are guarding against being rejected in one form or another. Let's all be kind and try to analyze the source of someone's rejection and aim to be more helpful.
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