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Monday, June 20, 2011

Body: Diet overhaul!

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After reviewing my food journal for the past week I have decided that I would start looking at foods that promote health and decrease appetite. I had remembered my enthusiasm for the great book YOU: On a Diet by Oz and Roizen when it first came out. I followed some of the advice but never really put the advice into practice solidly.
Looking at food from a "what can this food do for my body?" frame of mind is appealing to me.
Therefore, the following is paraphrased from
You: On A Diet;

Fiber in the morning helps control afternoon cravings. Protein in the mornings decreases appetite.

Consuming "good fats" during the afternoon and early evening can help keep your sense of fullness. Such as nuts, olives and olive oils.

Omega 3 rich fish oils decreases bad cholesterol.

Limiting simple sugars keeps energy levels stable and decreases appetite as well.

Eat as many raw vegetables as you can!

Eat lean proteins to build lean muscle and boost metabolic rate.

Eat the "same old" meals!!!! * huge point for me! Decreasing your food choices (eating certain healthy meals only) is a way of automating your biology to reboot back to a lean healthy setting.

Eating the same 3 breakfasts, same 3 lunches, same snacks and same type of dinner regularly and eating only those meals is how change "sticks".

I will still count points (WW) but will also be aware of making the food work for my health! Calorie goal for weight loss is 1400 for me! New perspective! I can do this. Change is possible.  

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