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Friday, June 17, 2011

Journal Entry: Friday June 17th 2011

Pasta salad close-up.
Today is all about consuming fruits and vegetables. I am also having a Pasta Salad for dinner (whole wheat of course). I went to our local Sam's Club yesterday and bought a lot of healthy choices!
So important for doing well on my diet is having the fruits and veggies in the house.

Weekends are usually the hardest time for me, but I am going into this weekend planning out my food intake and writing everything I consume in a separate journal.

I am determined to see my weight go back to my original weight at the beginning of Summer Break. I am feeling so much better this week. I have been eating well and exercising a lot this week. My body feels so much better.
I must remember how bad, bloated and generally yucky I was feeling last week.

I plan on walking/jogging plus toning with weights this evening.
My household chores are to catch up on some of my cleaning schedule (clean the hard wood). I also need to get outside and trim the boxwoods and Nandina bushes.

Remember you haven't failed until you quit trying!!!

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