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Monday, June 20, 2011

journal entry; June 20th Monday!:

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The weekend went well. I made a lot of healthy choices over-all. I ate some big salads with light balsamic vinaigrette. I went swimming (10 laps and jogging in water) on Saturday and did yard work! Sunday was a little more lazy however, I ate roasted chicken and really chillaxed (which is also good for you) with my husband on the deck and felt like it was time "well-wasted". ate aIot less but ate some fattening foods. I did little cleaning in the home but of course did laundry!! The swimming was wonderful and I was sore on my sides and arms. I also sat in the sauna and had a little prayer time. Centering yourself and remembering what you want to be all about,   is SO important. 
I spent time with family and friends too. Very nice Summer weekend but I do think my diet needs tweaking. I am not really eating healthy choices consistently. This week is all about beach trip preperation. I am going to clean the house, laundry and set -up care for my pets. Throw in Dr.s appt.s and Jake's Senior pictures then you will get an idea of how demanding this week could get.

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