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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mind: Insecurity: plan of action

36_52: Barco Molino Calcetera
Insecurity: We all have it in some form or another - I know I do and I am asking God to take it from me. Insecurity renders our life unlived. It holds us back from our potential with fear. It leaves us like the boat pictured - plenty of potential, but going nowhere. The problem is that we can have it in so many areas; our appearance, our station in life, our job, our spouses, our intelligence, our home, our religious/morality, etc.

It is obvious that most women think about their appearance too much but at the same time I don't personally want to be the "give up person". You know the type that has put their hair up in a frazzled bun, stained t-shirt, ill fitting shorts, "comfortable shoes",
no make-up and doesn't seem to fret over any of it. I would just like to be content with taking care of myself and not wish I was thin and younger so much. Both of those things probably ain't gonna happen (bless my heart). Pardon me for going southern on you there but it just seemed appropriate ;-).
Here is what I have come up with as a plan of
1. Quit comparing myself to younger people (so dumb).
2. Quit putting myself in positions where I feel "ugly". Like being dressed frumpy and going to a nice get-together anyway.
3. Focus on what is really important (Jesus is after-all dwelling inside me).
4. Realize that we all get to be young for the same amount of time - I had my time and acceptance is a much more peaceful productive state of being :-).
5. Do the things that make my body healthy, clean, and as attractive as it can be and then let God inspire purpose in my day.
6. Pray, pray, pray for God to help me feel valuable because I am pleasing to Him the Creator.

There is so much more value in having a full, purposeful, abundant life in spite of what you look like, possess, or are what you are given versus because of what you look like, possess, or what you are given.

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