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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Body: Attempting to start jogging routine and group

This photo is where I am jogging these days!
I am attempting to jog at least 2x's a week. My experiences wit jogging 1st thing in the morning has been very positive. I did a series of 5min. jogging, and 5min. walking until I completed 45 min. I felt like it was very doable and even enjoyable due to the fact it was pretty weather both times I have gone and cooler (because it was about 8:30 am). I also love, love, love listening to my I-pod while cruising along. There is nothing really that matches the sense of accomplishment I feel when I am all sweaty and stretching out at the end. I want to build up slowly to running the whole 45 min. because I have pain in my left hip when I run (arthritis prob.). I am also attempting to start a jogging/walking group that meets on Wed. and Sat. mornings -- I hope that there are at least 4-5 people that start this with me. The goal won't be to literally jog together but to meet at the same place and time and start off at the same time. Hopefully giving each other accountability and support! My other work-outs include Spin Class 2x's a week and step aerobics 2 x's a week!!!!

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