I am hoping this blog inspires a desire in you to be at your physical potential. Losing weight in 2013, and setting up a lifestyle that allows us to keep it that way! I want this blog to allow me to motivate and to be motivated!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Body/Mind/Spirit: full plate today

Body- cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning + a 7pm ZUMBA class!

Mind- planning for, shopping for my son Logan's birthday party this weekend-- will put lots of pictures!!

Spirit: praying for my son Jake's dr. appt. to turn out with a positive result-- he is getting checked for a concussion today (darn football ie. a love/hate relationship w the sport).

Have you ever noticed that when you have a lot going on in a day and you get a lot accomplished that when you finally get in bed ---- you feel happier!

Therefore, go forth with your day and accomplish aka take care of ur bizness!!

Please pray for Jake - I want this to be a false alarm really badly!


  1. Oh I love that you are doing this & will check in as often as possible!! You speak the truth, going to TCB right now!! You little encouraged you!!! Hehe thanks I needed that! Love & miss you!

  2. Jake does have a concussion and will be out of football practice approx. a week