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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Body:The Simple fact of weight loss

Most people eat too much, and eventually it shows up as fat. To lose that fat that you want to lose you need to eat less — it’s really that simple. I debated with some thin people (that always seem to argue that you don't need to starve to lose weight) that in order for me to lose weight (that is not the same as maintaining weight) that I have to eat very little food. What I really mean is that I am eating less than what I really want to eat. Why? I don't know! But when I am doing well on a weight loss goal I am really hungry a lot!!! Maybe it is perspective or hunger sensitivity that should be studied by some really smart psychologist! There is no two ways about it on the exercise question--- I cannot exercise enough to see "real" weight loss ---no thin friends: it takes a strict overall calorie restriction! Oh I have my tricks for portion control, point systems, plate sizes etc. but it all boils down to this----- Eat only when hungry, stay away from alcohol, eat lots of fruits, vegetables & lean proteins and stop eating when you are only slightly satisfied (not really full). And get moving 5 days a week (at least a hour work-out). Do these things 90 percent of the time and you will be at a healthier fit weight! Unless genetically blessed and /or have no prevalence to overeat or be lazy. Which I am unfortunately in none of those categories. Today I am going to a cook-out and I am not hungry at all. I will just pass on the food offered and enjoy an iced tea. Turning the corner after I have slipped off the edge is where I am at --- I know what has to be done. Looking forward to feeling thinner again!

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  1. I ate a hamburger after swimming - what? I was hungry again. ;-)