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Friday, July 30, 2010

Body/Spirit: an evening of me time

I am busy getting ready for Logan's birthday gathering (sleepover and cook-out). It is taking place tomorrow at 6 pm. While I am doing the stuff I've got to do to prepare my house and the food for the event I am going it alone, because it is Football time in the Potter household. Michael, Jake and Logan are all getting their photographs for the team and I instructed them to get a small group photo with all three of them (luv it). After the team photo session they will travel to a scrimmage about a two hour drive away and will return late --- I am not going since I am in full on party planning mode, and Jake will not be playing because of his slight concussion sidelining him (boo!) I am actually going to admit here on my blog that I am actually planning to enjoy my "me" time. I believe that it is a blessing to seize the opportunity to fully indulge in what you would like to do when you get the chance and then don't apologize for it!!

I would like to suggest making a list of 10 things that you really enjoy doing - and then making time to do at least one of these things a day!

example: taking a bath or sipping a drink on your deck/porch or taking a walk with an I-pod playing your favorite songs etc.

It can be anything as long as you really enjoy it.

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