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Monday, July 12, 2010

mind: God's desire for us to be transformed

I am in awe this morning of the fact that God's grace is renewed every morning. I was re-reading Beth Moore's bible study Breaking Free and I was inspired by the instruction she gave that (paraphrased) as long as the sun comes up in the morning we are given the chance to be delivered! The renewal, and the repeated chances to "get it right" is staggering to me. Just as I am forgiven for my weaknesses and shortcomings I wish to forgive others. I am starting to feel my heart soften toward someone who has done a terrible act of betrayal to me. Jesus is the only one who has such power. I do want to live a more uplifted life. I am tired of being stuck -- I am striving to let go of strongholds myself and want to live the life God has planned for me.

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