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Monday, July 5, 2010

spirit: down in the dumps

Sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. I am mentally aware that I am fine. However, there is an unrest in my spirit. I am questioning whether my husband and I can keep going the way we are. He is always going to be distant and not see the problem. I am always going to need a lot of attention, conversation and companionship. I know that I am at a low today because I am getting ready to make some personal changes. I am going to hang in there but I need to get back into the bible study I was doing before. I am gonna focus on my health, my house, and my children. Summer is so nice for so many reasons and I need to enjoy the simple pleasures that go a long with it. July 4th was a lot of fun because the day started with watching my youngest son play baseball, and then I went to my Cousin's house for a BBQ (great food especially the homemade ice cream), then went home and took a nap before grilling out again at my mother-n-law's house. My sons Jake and Logan had a lot of fun and that made me have a good time.

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