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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Body: changing it up and setting new goals

Well I am excited about finding the "dailymile" widget that I added to my blog today! I am motivated to track my miles and see the numbers go up, up, up for # of miles and the time for them go down, down, down. I went over to the local high school and jogged on the track because I wanted an accurate time on my 3 mile run. Well, I did the first mile in 11:02 and the second slowed down to to 13:35 (wow!) then the last mile was about 14 min. A lot of room for improvement! I do love the simplicity of running, so with all this in mind I am changing my work-out schedule from a rolling schedule (3 activities) I am gonna get a little more regimented and do jogging 3 miles every 2 days. I will also do spin class some and Zumba classes --- as well as an occasional step routine work-out. My goal is to get to a 9 min. first mile and 10 min. on the second mile and 12 min on the last mile=31 min. I will be happy with 31 to 34 min. for 3 miles. I am really determined to reach my goal weight of 120-125 lb.s. I am currently at 164 lb.s and 5'3". I will be posting my next run on Fri. stay tuned!

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