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Friday, July 2, 2010

Mind/Spirit: Stress Less & Enjoy Life-

I am thinking a lot about the expression "own it". I am approaching July 4th and the rest of the month for that matter, with an attitude of honesty about how I feel about things and my own weaknesses. I believe that when you "own it" then you are freeing yourself up to stress less. Ahhhhhh, just writing stress less feels good. Just say it to yourself or out loud for that matter "stress less". Hey and guess what when you stress less you enjoy life more!! My 3 new mantras for the month of July are going to be "own it", "stress less", and last but not least "enjoy life". Let's look at what each of these mantras mean really- starting with "own it"- knowing who you are and not apologizing for it. Be self-confident and self-aware. Holding yourself accountable through honesty about yourself but having the confidence to never give up on improving. Total acceptance of who you are now - the good, the bad & the ugly.
"stress less"- only letting things that you can do something about bother you. Not putting as much pressure on yourself and looking at each moment as manageable. Not putting focus on the future or past but only on the present moment and what needs to be done now!
"enjoy life" - taking effort to look at your life through rose colored glasses. Look for positives and really observing/ feeling those experiences. Do things that you truly like to do which means making time for those activities. Asking yourself often what would I like to do today -- then don't procrastinate then just do it!

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