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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mind: Thinking about the importance of a woman's "good name"

Trying to establish a "good name" with family and friends is important to me. Is it to you?
rompedas: "But to a young lady, a 'good name' is a priceless jewel. It is everything—literally, EVERYTHING—to her. It will give her an attraction, a value, an importance, in the estimation of others, which nothing else can impart. In possession of a spotless character, she may reasonably hope for peace and happiness. But without such a character, she is nothing! Youth, beauty, dress, accomplishments, all gifts and qualities will be looked upon as naught, when tainted by a suspicious reputation! Nothing can atone for this, nothing can be allowed to take its place, and nothing can give charm and attraction where it exists. When the character of a young woman is gone—all is gone! Thenceforward she can look for naught else but degradation and wretchedness.
Young women frequently err in their understanding of what it is that gives them a good name, and impart their chief attraction. Many seem to imagine that good looks, gay attire, in the extreme of fashion, and a few showy attainments, constitute everything essential to make them interesting and attractive, and to establish a high reputation in the estimation of the other sex. Hence they seek for no other attainments. In this, they make a radical mistake. The charms contained in these qualities, are very shallow, very worthless, and very uncertain."


  1. First to Post!!! Wahoo. I just found your blog Lori. I do feel for women though. Because it really isn't fair. I guy can have a lot of things slide by and keep a relatively good reputation going. A woman will be tagged for the slightest offense. You know Meredith Brooks song, "I'm a bitch." She kinda just throws her hands up to the whole deal.

    Oh. Your character remains STRONG in my book. :-)

  2. Women get so caught up in so many things that do not really matter and I am included in that offense as well --- thanks Richie