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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mind/ spirit: Love this mother's advice to her 17 year old daughter!{The Cottage Nest}

{The Cottage Nest}: "You are beautiful inside and out
-Don't ever base your opinion of yourself on what other people say or think about you
-Stay tenderhearted
-You won't always get your way- that's actually a good thing
-Even a small lie will erode trust
-Sometimes you work hard and your only reward is knowing you did your best
-Always try to look at the bright side- nobody wants to be around someone that is negative all the time
-Conduct yourself with grace and dignity
-You can be or do anything you want in life
-Only marry for love and wait as long as it takes to find the real thing
-You have an amazing sense of humor & I love how you are always yourself
-Drama is a waste of time
-Any job worth doing is worth doing right
-Never be mean
-Be able to take care of yourself so that you don't have to depend on someone but can choose to depend on them
-Stay close to Emma- having a sister is a special gift
-Your family is always here for you and loves you NO MATTER WHAT
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