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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mind/Spirit: The concept of living in the present

You can look at yourself as being aware of the world around you in 2 ways: Through the filter of your mind or through the interpretation of your feelings/spirit. Your mind wants to focus on problems, stressors, and future or past events. Think about it (it is as if your mind is protecting your from harm(fears)), and it is as if your spirit is living for the moment. If you are experiencing your true life you are experiencing the moment fully. For example something as simple as taking a nice hot bath in a jet tub. If your mind is in control (and busy) then you are somewhere else and not fully engaged in the feelings/enjoyment of the actual relaxing bath. Fully observing the soothing sound and feel of the water and possible lovely smells of bath products. Using soft music if you like adds to the moment. Going into nature is also an easy way to identify this separation of mind and spirit. If for example you are hiking in a lovely setting but are worrying about what you are going to do afterwards (ex. dinner, kids, hubby etc.) then you are not fully engaged in the beautiful surrounding. Sights and smells of the natural world speak to the spirit if you get your mind out of the way. All this to say I am an advocate for realizing that the step that you are currently taking on this journey of life is to be embraced and fully lived. Spend time observing your mind obsessing over future and past events. This is futile because all you can ever really do anything about is the present moment. God will supply you with what you need to handle any future situations and we all know that we can do nothing to change the past.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Lori! And the prayer.